Causes of the hottest gas producer accident

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Causes of gas producer accidents

1 The gas producer is a normal pressure equipment, and the probability of accident during operation is very low, but the possibility of accident cannot be ruled out Gas furnace and thermal furnace accidents are mainly caused by the following aspects

2. Emergency power failure In case of sudden power failure in the gas station, first open the vent valve of the gas furnace, close the valve on the burner, close the steam valve with saturated temperature, and finally observe the water level of the gas furnace to avoid water shortage If there is a sudden power failure in the gas station and there is no stoker on duty in the gas station, the pressure of the gas furnace and gas pipeline will slowly decrease after the primary air and secondary air stop working, especially the valve of the burner is not closed At this time, the pressure in the thermal furnace will slowly exceed the pressure of the gas pipe. When the pressure in the furnace is higher than the gas pipe, the gas furnace is still in operation, and the fire in the furnace will run automatically from the burner mouth. At this time, the equipment will burn along the gas pipe to the gas furnace, and the heat generated by combustion is not discharged. When the heat reaches the unbearable level of the gas furnace, there may be safety hazards or even explosion

3. Thermal furnace explosion After the gas is produced, the thermal furnace should be started. When starting the thermal furnace, the furnace door should be opened. The open fire should not affect the pointer to return to zero and put it at the burner mouth before opening the gas valve. After the gas is burned, the secondary air should be adjusted reasonably Then close the furnace door If the thermal furnace has just started and the gas in the furnace goes out, it is not as good as the following specific requirements: you can directly ignite, open the furnace door, close the burner valve, open the secondary air to purge for 10 minutes, and then ignite according to the ignition steps (it is easy to extinguish the fire when the thermal furnace is below 650 degrees)

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