Causes of fire in the hottest LED display

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Causes of fire in LED display screen

there are fire hazards in LED display screen, mainly because there are still some shortcomings in several major raw materials. First, wire. In most display applications, the larger the unit area of the display, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the power on stability of the wire. Among many wire rod products, the safety and stability can be guaranteed only by using wires that meet the requirements of national standards. Second, power supply. UL certified power products are also the best choice when choosing similar products. Their effective conversion rate can ensure the safety of power load. The wire core can be preheated at too high temperature before extrusion, which can completely remove the moisture, oil and stability on the surface. It can also work normally under the hot external environment temperature. Third, protective materials

the aluminum-plastic plate of general outdoor display products ages rapidly with high temperature, rain, cold and heat shock, so that it is easy for rain and dew to penetrate into the interior of the screen in humid weather seasons, resulting in short circuit of electronic components and fire. In terms of the materials of the external protective structure of the display screen, most of the display screen products with high fire rating on the market are made of fireproof aluminum-plastic plates, which have excellent fire resistance and strong fire resistance. Fourth, plastic kits. The plastic kit is mainly used as the material for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material is PC glass fiber material with flame retardant function. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can not deform and become brittle and crack under high and low temperatures and long-term use. At the same time, it can be used in combination with the smiling service water with good sealing rubber face, which can effectively prevent the rainwater from penetrating into the interior of the external environment, causing a short circuit and fire

in addition to the internal raw materials, the external design such as heat dissipation is also very important. When the LED outdoor display works under high temperature, the power consumption is another big test. If it is a piece of good news that makes the mysterious veil of new materials fade, large area 3. The display screen during tensile test increases the difficulty of heat dissipation. In the past, large outdoor screens used electric fans and other auxiliary heat dissipation, and later developed into internal self-contained air conditioning facilities. In addition, we cannot ignore the factors that are believed to be caused in the later maintenance project. In short, the fire prevention of LED display needs to be careful everywhere

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