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HNA Dongyin Futures: PTA daily review (parallel interface and serial interface can also be used on 06.30)

PTA broke through 7000 pressure

in addition to the fatal safety hazards of copper aluminum transition connectors and nonconductive aluminum alloy connectors, driven by the rise of crude oil last night, PTA opened higher this morning, fluctuated on the daily average in the morning, and increased its position in the afternoon, breaking through the 7000 yuan/ton level, with a maximum of 7028 yuan/ton, It closed at 7010 yuan/ton, up 2.39%. On the daily line, it got rid of the clamp of the central axis and began to rise at the 7000 level

in terms of position structure, the total position of PTA's main contracts increased by 268 today, with a wide range of 30 commodities in the market, 2885 positions increased by long Yong'an and Dadi, and 5415 positions reduced by Da Yue and Nanhua; In terms of short positions, Dayue and Yong'an short positions increased by 5551 hands in total. The position structure is still a structure in which bulls are scattered and bears are concentrated in two companies. However, as a result of the price rise, the current position results may not accurately reflect the current positive and negative

in terms of spot, the spot price today is 7080 yuan/ton, which is the same as the quotation at noon

it is expected that under the influence of no other news, the key to PTA's future lies in the drive of crude oil, and the trend of crude oil has a relatively obvious impact on PTA recently

in terms of operation, PTA has broken through the pressure at present, so bargain hunting and multi order intervention can be considered in the short term

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