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Hitachi has developed a new robot that can investigate the internal conditions of the reactor

the picture shows a swimming robot that can move in nuclear sewage

fragments fly out like bullets

according to Kyodo news agency of Japan on March 10, it has high accuracy and sensitivity in the measurement and control of load and displacement. Hitachi production Institute showed the media a new type of robot that can be used in the accident handling work of Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from two to 2020 models. The deformation robot can snake in the narrow pipe to investigate the falling nuclear fuel after taking out the melting; Swimming robots can move freely in nuclear sewage

these two robots can enter the narrow area that cannot be operated manually to investigate the water leakage point and the state of nuclear fuel when the reactor cold lead screw is matched with the screw nut. The robot enters the containment through the pipeline, checks the external condition of the pressure vessel, and investigates the internal condition of the torus room where sewage accumulates under the containment

the deformation robot weighs about 7.5 kg and can snake in a narrow pipe with a diameter of 10 cm. After passing through the pipe, the robot can advance smoothly on the uneven ground, and the maximum crossing height can reach 5cm

the swimming robot weighs 31.5 kg and can move in water and on land. In order to avoid obstacles, the robot is equipped with six small propellers, which can move horizontally and vertically in the water. It can also change its posture and move on the wall at right angles to the ground

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