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HMS launched the new ixxat econ 100, which perfectly combines machine control and industrial network connection

HMS launched the new ixxat econ 100, which provides an embedded stand-alone PC for many applications, from small material processing equipment to real-time industrial Ethernet in complex robot systems used in the medical industry. This econ 100 combines the mechanical control technology of ixxat with the fieldbus and industrial Ethernet functions of anybus technology of HMS group

econ 100 is an arm based embedded PC platform for top hat guide rail installation, equipped with Linux operating system and unique multi protocol support. It can easily and quickly implement customer specific customs and control solutions and meet various fieldbus and industrial Ethernet standards. From ready to use to specific OEM solutions, the econ 100 is equipped with unique flexibility and performance

the new expansion board combines multi protocol mode and local i/o to enhance the security of data.

in addition to on-board interfaces (two Ethernet, two can and two USB interfaces), econ 100 can also be expanded through the new expansion board: in addition to analog and digital i/o, the expansion card also provides an HMS anybus comp and actcom module slot, serial interface and 512 MB NVRAM in the laboratory of quality inspection units

compactcom module can be used in all popular fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, and can also be connected with econ 100 application software through ordinary anybus programming interface. In addition, econ 100 can also be used in EtherCAT and CANopen master station solutions. This multi protocol mode makes econ 100 an ideal and future oriented platform for customer specific communication control solutions

the expansion card also provides 24 input and output interfaces, which can directly connect sensors and actuators. With a digital output current of up to 2a and an analog channel with 12 bit resolution, the econ 100 has become the first choice for many applications, and the rs232/rs485 interface also makes the econ 100 a perfect link between real-time industrial Ethernet or can networks and proven serial applications

because the expansion card contains NVRAM, econ 100 ensures the security of user data. This function is especially suitable for some key applications, such as automatic processing technology, which must retain the final operating state of all process variables in the event of power failure

soft PLC simplified programming

in addition to supporting c/c++ programming, HMS also cooperates with copalp to provide an intuitive soft PLC programming environment, which conforms to IEC standards for simplified programming and control application configuration. The package supports all important protocols, including CANopen, EtherCAT, Powerlink, PROFINET, and ethernet/ip

in order to implement complex applications quickly and efficiently, HMS also provides econ 100 with various fully proven application development packages and adks. These adks include a large number of board level support packages containing all necessary interface drivers, application examples, corresponding protocol software pre installed on SD card and Linux operating system

designed for many application fields

the econ 100, which perfectly combines powerful CPU, 1GB ram, solid metal shell, fan free design and -40 C to +60 C extended temperature range, can meet the requirements of various important application fields

in addition to the Standard Version, econ 100 can also be used as a board level product, integrated into existing customer applications, and takes up a very small space. HMS can also develop OEM versions with specific hardware as required, and manufacturers can use this logo to help their products stand out in the competition, and the models suitable for specific applications

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xxat econ 100 with integrated anybus compactcom, which in this case can be connected to PROFINET

HMS Industrial Network Co., Ltd.

HMS Industrial Network Co., Ltd. is a leading independent supplier of industrial communications, including remote management products. HMS relies on the brands of netbiter, anybus and ixxat to develop and provide solutions for the communication between automation equipment or systems and industrial networks. Kirkby added that the development and production are carried out at its headquarters in helmstad, Sweden and wiengateng, Germany. Local sales and support are provided by branches in China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States where staff working in such an environment is not good for their health. HMS has more than 350 employees and sales of 57million euros in 2013. HMS is listed on the NASDAQ OMX exchange in Stockholm

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