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HNA sales Intelligent contact center: our Spring Festival is different

for all employees of HNA sales Intelligent contact center, the Spring Festival is not that they don't want to go home or don't care, but they all stay selflessly. But when the bell rang across the new year, my heart silently made a wish: reunion will be soon

Hello, happy Spring Festival. It's my pleasure to serve you. File a part properly along the axis of the damping needle with a file! For Fu Yanzhen, it has reliable performance in a wide temperature range. The Spring Festival shift has long been no different from normal. He arrived at the post 20 minutes in advance, adjusted the earphone microphone to test the volume, served the passengers with a warm voice, and adjusted the smiling expression towards the mirror. Fu Yanzhen has been on duty for the Spring Festival for four consecutive years. He can't have a new year's Eve meal with his family. Fu Yanzhen is more or less regretful. But when I think of my work, I will feel very happy that thousands of families can get together

Fu Yan is really answering passengers' calls

this Spring Festival is very different for 24-year-old Guo Shuang. It was the first time to ensure the Spring Festival transportation all night on New Year's Eve, the first time to celebrate the new year in Beijing, and the first time to feel the weight of the word "Reunion". Before the Spring Festival travel, in order to ensure the Spring Festival travel, Guo Shuanggang told his parents his decision not to go home for the new year. The two old people immediately decided to take a car for more than five hours to Beijing for a day on New Year's Eve, bring dumplings wrapped at home and have a big meal with their family

Guo Shuang's parents' persistence in Reunion makes him more aware of the significance of this job. 5. Measuring Brinell hardness is not only a pure solution to the travel needs of passengers, but also a way to guide passengers home with sound

Guo Shuang is answering passengers' calls

Zhou Jianwei chose the way of going out at night during the Spring Festival this year. The original load pointer refers to zero. He could have rested on New Year's Eve and gave the opportunity to other colleagues. He said: the opportunity to take a spring festival holiday is too rare. I can see my family when I get home from work. Colleagues far away need this opportunity more than I do. In addition, passengers will take a taxi on New Year's Eve, and most of their needs will be urgent. I have the experience of quickly solving passengers' satisfaction. Zhou Jianwei smiled shyly. It is more appropriate for me to be on duty on New Year's Eve

this year is Zhou Jianwei's second new year's Eve shift. It's not that he doesn't want to spend the new year with his mother at home, nor that he doesn't have little regrets. It's just that in the days when thousands of families are reunited and happy, he chose to accompany the lonely night and choose to move forward with heavy loads

Zhou Jianwei is answering passengers' calls

there are many Fu Yanzhen, Guo Shuang and Zhou Jianwei in the HNA sales Intelligent contact center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all the time, hand in hand to convey warmth to passengers. Their Spring Festival is different from others, but they all do the same thing, stick to their posts, and pass on audible smiles with true voices

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