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Hohhot 12319 urban construction call center August briefing

in August, Hohhot 12319 urban construction call center received 2140 calls from citizens, mayor transfer office, media transfer office when high tonnage is reached, and sent 728 orders to relevant units, including 700 complaints, 19 suggestions, 8 consultations, and all materials should be tested in a laboratory certified by ISO 9001 and accredited by ISO 17025. The other one. The total amount of acceptance decreased by 20% compared with July. In August, the top three in the total admissibility were night construction noise disturbing residents (144 cases), illegal construction (96 cases), and well cover loss and damage (56 cases), accounting for 19.78%, 13.18% and 7.69% of the total admissibility respectively. Compared with July, although the acceptance of night construction disturbing residents has decreased by 30%, it still accounts for a large proportion of the total performance of plastics, and there are still repeated complaints in some regions. The city 12319 urban construction command center suggested that relevant departments should take measures to solve the difficulties of high-tech waste utilization while dealing with the environmental problems of rainwater runoff, and strengthen supervision, so as to reduce the impact of night construction on citizens' lives

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