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HNA calls home electronic products, automobiles, aerospace... These fields will be a lot of thermoplastic composite call center, together with Xinxibao, to launch a new smart SMS service

in today's rapidly developing digital era, the most surprising change may be the massive popularity and continuous updating of mobile devices. Just after Internet created an economic myth, mobile Internet kept up with the pace day by day, made innovations repeatedly, and broke through the initial imagination of the market. At a time when the official account was at its peak, Tencent took advantage of the situation to launch the official account, which not only tried to get a share of the market, but also mobilized everyone's taste. However, the most amazing thing in the market recently is Xinxibao smart SMS. I learned occasionally that Xinxibao smart SMS has gradually infiltrated people's lives, and many relatives and friends around have personally experienced the convenience it brings. It is understood that many brand manufacturers have formed a close relationship with Xinxibao and launched the smart SMS function in their new products. It is reported that HNA Group, in combination with the concept of Internet +, has comprehensively promoted the Internet business and made frequent appearances across industries. Recently, HNA call center has also reached cooperation with Xiaoyuan technology Xinxibao intelligent SMS, which has greatly changed the air travel service, which can be said to be a milestone in the history of the aviation industry

Xinxibao was invited to participate in the HNA Partner Conference. On November 13, the HNA sales call center Partner Conference was held in Haikou. As the technical service provider of intelligent information in HNA call center, Xiaoyuan technology was invited to participate in this special internal exchange meeting. It is reported that HNA call center currently undertakes the sales of air passenger services of eight airlines including Hainan Airlines, grand China Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and Tianjin airlines, as well as the services of non aviation enterprises such as HNA hotels, HNA real estate and HNA communications. The head of HNA call center said that in the face of such huge service demand, Hainan Airlines has been looking for the best solution to relieve the pressure of the call center and give customers a better service experience. HNA's current customer service labor cost is as high as 60%, and this ratio also hopes to be effectively improved. In the past, service platforms such as aviation officials, apps and official account either needed to download or pay attention to accounts. The operation was cumbersome, the promotion was difficult and the cost was high, resulting in extremely low customer recognition and utilization. Xiaoyuan technology, as the invited party, made a detailed speech on Xinxibao intelligent SMS at the conference. Wuchenghua, product operation manager, said that Xinxibao intelligent SMS can simplify the traditional text notification SMS and turn it into an intuitive card display. The corresponding function buttons are also matched under these cards. For example, in the flight dynamic query service, users can directly click to see the current status of the flight corresponding to the message through the page. In the past, many flight problems that need to be inquired by calling the call center can be solved by users in a smart message. The key is not to download, and it is easy to operate. This has greatly diverted the customer service pressure of the call center, and also greatly enhanced user stickiness and extended the service chain

the function of smart SMS of Xiaoyuan technology xinxiebao coincides with the expected effect of HNA call center. Therefore, intelligent SMS has become one of the first intelligent services of HNA call center. After experiencing sending smart messages to customers, the customer service staff of HNA call center said happily that the intellectualization of sending notification messages has indeed eased the reception pressure, improved efficiency, and provided value-added services to customers with great convenience. In addition, the instant notification of aviation dynamics has greatly reduced the complaint rate of customers

smart SMS and HNA create a new travel experience. Compared with the past, every time you receive various notification SMS sent by the company, you need to pay attention and find the key point in the dense text. More text messages are received, and it takes time to find them; If you want to know more about flights, various inconveniences will appear. However, the above-mentioned inconveniences were resolutely broken by Hainan Airlines' intelligent SMS one by one. After grafting xinxiebao's new technology, Hainan Airlines' call center notification SMS has changed the cumbersome text narration in the past into situational intelligent SMS, allowing passengers to intuitively lock key elements such as departure, destination and time point at the first time, and it is easy to remember and operate other services

HNA smart SMS interface

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SMS official account in smart SMS, and you can also expand to view flight dynamics, enterprise introduction, services, etc. In addition, the SMS clip can automatically store similar information received by passengers on the desktop, so that passengers can quickly find relevant SMS. Even if the flight is delayed, the real-time tracking flight service of smart SMS will immediately send a reminder notice so that passengers can better arrange the waiting time. It is reported that at present, in addition to the aviation industry, Xinxibao has launched various distinctive industry solutions for more than 10 industries, such as operators, banks, hotels, restaurants and so on. For example, when operators send all kinds of notice short interest, the inner page of the short message directly displays various extended operation services such as recharge, recharge flow and package. Putting people's daily needs into product research and development and solving practical problems for people is really injecting fresh vitality into products. As a basic function, with the continuous development of modern technology and people's needs, SMS has been separated from the original one-way information transmission attribute, and gradually transformed into a personal data center and a traffic entry for service manufacturers. HNA call center adopts xinxiebao intelligent SMS to effectively divert calls. The photos of fly ash under the electron microscope show the pressure of the center, improve efficiency and add value to the service, so as to give customers a high-quality air travel service experience. The two have become the benchmark of the aviation service industry by shaping a new perspective, heart to heart communication and pleasant experience

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