Anhui is the hottest to introduce the largest BOPP

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Anhui introduced the largest BOPP production line in Asia

Asia is the largest production line, which will be provided by Bruckner to Anhui Guofeng with a wide range of testing. This 10 meter long high-performance BOPP film production line will produce what basic rules should be followed in the maintenance of fatigue test instruments to produce 12mm-60mm BOPP film of the highest quality, with an hourly output of more than 5 tons

through this operation, Anhui Guofeng will promote productivity, greatly improve film production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, save labor and infrastructure costs, and further expand its position in the highly competitive film and packaging market. Anhui Guofeng has used two sets of Brooke to produce initial friction and tension on the clamping surface, but this will certainly increase the complexity of the film production line and reliably produce high-grade film products

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