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Hohhot 20MW photovoltaic power generation demonstration project was approved to start

recently, the National Energy Administration agreed to carry out the preliminary work of Hohhot urban construction 20MW photovoltaic power generation demonstration project

the demonstration project is built on the roofs of public buildings and factory buildings with sufficient conditions, and the designed total installed capacity is 20000 kW, located in Huimin District, Saihan District, Xincheng District and Yuquan District. The project is connected to the low-voltage distribution of users nearby, and the generated power is mainly consumed by users in the building to replace the power supply; Shangdian electric power is sold to our city electric power company. The power company and the project unit sign an order (transfer) power sale agreement and a merger agreement, and ensure the safety of power users. The electricity directly consumed by power users is collected by Inner Mongolia power company on behalf of the project unit according to the power supply price of our city, and the surplus electricity is settled by Inner Mongolia power company with the project unit according to the benchmark electricity price of desulfurization and coal-fired power generation in our city. The total power generation of the project is subsidized by the additional funds of the national renewable energy electricity price according to the kilowatt hour subsidy amount determined in the bidding

the implementation of this project will provide relevant policy basis and specific implementation measures for the country to promote photovoltaic building integration on a large scale in the country in the next step, and has a large leading demonstration effect. Under the economic internal circulation of China glass () department, in April 2021, China electronic universal experimental machine is specially designed for colleges and universities A new generation of dual space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine designed by scientific research institutes, Chengdu Construction Expo talks with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, in fact, for the rapid temperature change experimental box, with the total installed capacity of nuclear power reaching 33.64 million kilowatts, the outbreak of the epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and the global economic pattern has also changed greatly, After my experiments, China is pursuing [details]

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