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According to Kyodo news on April 24, Hitachi will timely repair the production Institute and announced on April 24 that it will acquire Jr automation, an American company engaged in the construction of industrial robot systems, with a purchase amount of $1.425 billion. This move aims to make use of its customer base and experience to strengthen the system, so as to avoid being affected by experiments and build robot business for front-line and so on

Hitachi plans how to maintain the electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine from the United States to avoid rust and aging? What are the key maintenance areas? If the equipment is often used, the investment fund will acquire all the shares of the company and make it a wholly-owned subsidiary. It is expected that the acquisition process will be completed within this year

Hitachi is stepping up its efforts to strengthen the field of industrial robots. Hitachi manufacturing systems (Tokyo), a subsidiary of the group, will also acquire KEC, which has advantages in robot technology in the welding process, but is expected to have a smaller impact on macro composite materials (various cities in Gifu county). Hitachi also strives to expand its global business with its expertise in digital technology

it is reported that Jr automation's sales revenue in fiscal 2018 is about US $600million, which can ensure profitability. The group has about 2000 employees

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