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HNA Dongyin Futures: PTA concussion 05.05

crude oil continued to rise. PTA concussion caused components to be damaged and unable to work normally

yesterday, crude oil continued to be strong and rose again, but it still did not establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and there was pressure to break through the $55 position. The market is still in the shock range and has not broken through the pressure. PTA continued to fluctuate yesterday. In the narrow technical range, PTA's concussion range was limited, and there was a continuous position reduction process. At the end of the day, position reduction plunged. The market trend was weak but did not fall below the golden section. It is expected that under the strong influence of crude oil, PTA is still likely to rise today, to the exhibitors of the 2nd China international automobile lightweight materials and Technology Exhibition: however, PTA is not only affected by crude oil because it operates within the range of technical indicators. Then today will be an interval shock. In terms of operation, short-term operation is the main operation of interval shock, and it is recommended to short after rising in early trading

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