The hottest hochs candy is packaged with new PET m

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Hos candy is packed with new pet material

HOS candy company chose the packaging can with 4.7L specification and the largest model of rpcblackburn this time. The spacious decorative area provides the most ideal display space for the polar bear logo representing the company. In addition, the color matching scheme provided by rpchalstead company, the combination of blue glaciermints and red glacierfruits, also provides a differentiated promotion method for the brand. The company hopes to provide durable and attractive packaging containers for these two glacier products, so it is attracted by the latest design products launched by rpcblackburn

the injection, pull and blow mold container combines the appearance of traditional candy containers with the advantages and fashion of PET containers. It is light, shatterproof, easy to handle and has a crystal luster, which also ensures that the product can show its best use characteristics

it is precisely because of its emergence that fox made the decision to change from PVC container to PET container. Trademark image is important, and the container of rpcblackburn can show the advantages of the product in the best form. Traceymattock, marketing manager of fox, thinks so

The test standards and migration test conditions also try to objectively reflect the expected use of materials or products.

fox sconfectionery has recently selected a high transparency pet can from rpcblackburn to improve the packaging quality of its gliiermints, gliierfruits3 and high molecular material brands

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