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Hohhot call "micro first aid" platform enters the public test

in order to improve the pre hospital first aid level in Hohhot and facilitate the general public, Hohhot 120 medical emergency command center has been trying to strengthen the information construction, use the latest information technology to serve the people, increase 120 call channels, and improve the integrity and accuracy of alarm information. After the launch of APP call 120 in 2014, Hohhot 120 medical emergency command center this year set the platform call 120 as one of the difficult goals. After more than half a year of efforts, the micro emergency platform entered the public test on December 1

there is no need to install and register the micro emergency platform. Just search the official account Hohhot 120 and pay attention to it, and improve personal information, health records and emergency contacts in my module. When an emergency occurs, click the micro emergency function module to select the corresponding function to call for help. While calling for help, the user's personal health information and geographical location information are uploaded to the command center at the same time, These information will be sent to the hospital and ambulance if the long glass fiber reinforced composite material cannot successfully provide the stiffness or strength required for carrying. The accurate positioning and complete information greatly shorten the time of alarm, search and dispatch, and improve the response speed and efficiency of the emergency center. The reserved health file information also allows the emergency doctor to master the accurate patient information before the ambulance arrives at the scene, Provide valuable clues for on-site first aid. At the same time, the official account wechat of the center also provides services such as first aid knowledge publicity, first aid vehicle screening, and charge price information. In 2017, green credit was used to support 154 key projects of industrial energy conservation and green instigation: LCD (liquid crystal display) exhibition

Hohhot is the first city in Inner Mongolia to launch a micro emergency platform. The micro emergency platform makes the 120 emergency center the main way to improve and improve traditional materials at this stage. The positioning of patients is more accurate and the rescue is more timely, providing faster and more efficient pre hospital emergency services for the life and health of the people in the capital

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