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HMS released the 2020 industrial network market share report

the industrial network connection of equipment and machines is the key to the realization of intelligent interconnected factories. HMS networks' annual research on the industrial network market shows that from the perspective of newly installed nodes, the market share of industrial Ethernet has increased to 64% (59% last year), while the market share of Fieldbus has decreased to 30% (35% last year). Mainstream networks ethernet/ip and PROFINET are tied for the first place with 17% share. The power supply can be cut off before windows shutdown; Turn off the oil pump and lower the oil cylinder to the bottom. The market share of wireless technology remained unchanged at 6%

hms networks now releases its annual analysis of the industrial network market, which is mainly aimed at the new installation nodes of global factory automation. As an independent supplier of industrial communication and industrial IOT solutions, HMS has deep insight into the industrial network market. The 2020 research report estimated the market share of fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and wireless. The estimated growth rate does not include this year, because the global market environment is special due to the impact of novel coronavirus

Industrial Ethernet market share increased, while fieldbus continued to decline

in the study, HMS concluded that industrial Ethernet continued to capture market share from fieldbus. Industrial Ethernet currently accounts for 64% of the global factory automation new installation node market (59% last year). Ethernet/ip and PROFINET each accounted for 17% of the market share, tied for the first place. EtherCAT's global share continues to be good, accounting for 7%, while Modbus TCP's 5% global share is simple and clear, surpassing Ethernet Powerlink, which accounts for 4%

fieldbus continues to decline

for newly installed nodes, HMS estimates that fieldbus will decline to 30% (35% last year). PROFIBUS still ranks first with 8% market share, accounting for less than 10% of the entire industrial network market for the first time. Followed by Modbus RTU (5%), followed by CC link (4%)

thoughts on the market share of industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus

we expect the industrial network market to grow steadily in the next few years, but the emergence of novel coronavirus has affected the global market environment. Therefore, in our 2020 analysis, we do not include growth figures, only market share, said Anders Hansson, chief marketing officer of HMS networks

from the perspective of focusing only on this year's market share, we can see that industrial Ethernet continues to promote the industrial interconnection of factories, led by ethernet/ip and PROFINET, and EtherCAT ranks third. Hansson continued: PROFIBUS is still the largest Fieldbus in the past two years, but with the continuous decline of the overall fieldbus market, PROFIBUS has lost its impact. The types of impact testing machines are very rich, and the prices of different impact testing machines are also very different In order to control the cost, many enterprises pay too much attention to the price when purchasing impact testing machines, resulting in various problems in their later use Next, market share. Another interesting discovery is that MODBUS continues to be in good condition, whether it is Modbus RTU involving fieldbus or Modbus TCP based on Ethernet, which indicates that factories will not avoid using well functioning technology in their new installation just because they have existed for a period of time

the wireless network remains stable and has a promising future.

wireless technology accounts for 6% of the market share. WLAN is still the most popular technology, followed by Bluetooth technology. It's good that the market share of wireless remains in a growing market, but we expect that the share of wireless will increase over time. Anders Hansson said. With all the ongoing activities related to wireless cellular technology (such as dedicated lte/5g networks) in the world becoming the promoters of the next stage of intelligent manufacturing, the market demand for wireless connection equipment and machines will increase, and there will be fewer cables and flexible automation architecture in the future

regional network changes

ethernet/ip and PROFINET are in the leading position in Europe and the Middle East, followed by Profibus and EtherCAT. Other popular networks are MODBUS (rtu/tcp) and Ethernet Powerlink. The U.S. market is dominated by ethernet/ip, and EtherCAT has also gained some market share. PROFINET and ethernet/ip dominate the dispersed Asian market, followed by PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, MODBUS (rtu/tcp) and CC link/cc link ie field

Anders Hansson, chief marketing officer of HMS industrial networks

scope of this study:

this study is based on the number of newly installed nodes of factory automation in 2019, which is HMS' estimate for 2020. A node is defined as a machine or device connected to an industrial network. The above data represents the comprehensive view of HMS, integrating the views of peers in the industry, our own sales statistics and the overall understanding of the market

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