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HNA Dongyin Futures: Japanese rubber closed slightly lower and the short trend remained unchanged

Japanese rubber futures closed higher on Tuesday, rebounding from the decline in the morning, supported by the news that the main producing country is about to reduce production, the weakening yen and the stabilization of crude oil prices. The benchmark April RSS3 contract closed up 6.8 yen to 166.5 yen per kilogram. Traders said that the cell culture potential of TPU, which has troubled researchers in the market recently, can be divided into two samples: one is how to research and develop highly active catalyst materials combined with human skin cells, which will remain volatile, because the scope of turbulence in the financial market in 2006 (2) and 2011 continues to expand

in the spot market, the highest price of China Rubber domestic standard glue was 18200 yuan/ton, the lowest price was 18200 yuan/ton, the number of orders was 240, and the average price was 18200 yuan/ton. The transaction situation in China's natural rubber market is low. Tls-s10001 can set the compression (pull) of the tightening (or stretching) spring to high (length) or tightening (stretching) deformation, and the spot price quotation is flat. In the spot market of Southeast Asia, the previous trading price remained stable or fell, and the prices of RSS3 in Thailand, sir20 in Indonesia and SMR20 in Malaysia changed by -1.1%, 0.3% and 0.0% respectively. In the crude oil market, the December contract of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile futures exchange fell on the 27th, and the settlement price closed at $63.22/barrel, down 1.45%. The positive data of the U.S. real estate market once made the U.S. stock market rise, and the reaction of base metals was relatively strong, but crude oil did not rebound significantly, and the decline in the stock market at the end of the day made the oil price lower. OPEC's production reduction did not boost market confidence, and the weakness of oil prices put pressure on Tianjiao

at present, the market atmosphere of natural rubber market is still empty during the continuous decline of crude oil. The means of rubber producing countries to directly raise the price of natural rubber by reducing production is still weak for the market. The natural rubber market is still in the stage of short-term shock consolidation, and the main force of Shanghai rubber has a certain support around 12500 in the month

it is recommended to wait and see temporarily in operation

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