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Malaysian Police have banned a distribution point of counterfeit printer cartridges. The Malaysian domestic trade cooperative and the Ministry of consumption, Selangor branch recently banned a company that buys and sells counterfeit printer cartridges and toner cartridges. Using the cost is also more expensive

Othman Nawang, the head of the crackdown action team, revealed to the outside world that the operation searched a total of three business premises, including factories, shops and a house in the local section 5

it was revealed that 3252 counterfeit printer cartridges and toner cartridges marked with HP, brother, Samsung and Canon trademarks, as well as a compressor and cartridge cleaner, were seized during the operation. The total value of all the seized items is 500000 Malaysian ringgit, about 155. The price of the hydraulic testing machine and the factors affecting the price are 900 US dollars

Othmannawang also revealed that two local workers in their 20s were detained during the operation against the factory

it is alleged that the two suspects bought fake consumables at the unit price of ringgit (about $1..74), and then sold them at the price of ringgit (about $15..12)

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