The hottest maleic anhydride market slowly ended t

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Maleic anhydride market slowly ended the downward trend, and the market gradually stabilized.

in the early stage, the market declined, and various manufacturers made small adjustments to the ex factory price. Cedric Kennedy specializes in recycling waste plastics into 3D printing materials, and the manufacturer's shipment is stable. The operation of downstream unsaturated resin has improved and is at a high operating rate. Most maleic anhydride manufacturers say that the downstream manufacturers receive goods smoothly and the inventory level is normal. The price of diethylene glycol, a related product, fluctuated greatly, which affected the smooth sales to a certain extent. In terms of export, the performance was mixed. Some manufacturers said that the export situation was stable, some manufacturers said that the export situation was general, and the export orders were reduced compared with the previous period. In terms of cost, the price of coking benzene, driven by crude benzene, is higher than that in the early stage, which gives support to the cost of maleic anhydride, making the room for maleic anhydride to decline smaller

at present, the mainstream quotation of manufacturers in Shanxi is 9000 yuan/ton, and the actual delivery price is 8800 yuan/ton. The added fiber point can be black tons, and some of the low prices are 8700 yuan/ton. The unit starts normally, and the delivery is general. Most of the downstream manufacturers take goods, the middlemen are not active in the market, and the inventory level is normal; The mainstream quotation of various manufacturers in Changzhou, East China is at the level of yuan/ton, the market atmosphere is stabilizing, the commencement of the device is stable, and the shipment is stable. The mainstream users are mainly contract users, and the country is mainly selling within the moment of anchor chain breaking, and the inventory is normal; The mainstream shipping price in North China is 9100 yuan/ton, while the price in Tianjin Zhonghe is higher at 9400 yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is general, the device operates normally, the shipment is stable, and the orders are reduced. All manufacturers have a certain amount of goods to export, and the export is general; The price in Central China is 9200 yuan/ton, which is mainly sold locally. The output is small, the overall shipment is general, and the inventory pressure is small; The market atmosphere in South China is general, the mainstream market price is yuan/ton, the market atmosphere is stable, the price fluctuation is small, and the transaction is general; The shipment price in Northeast China is 9300 yuan/ton, which is mainly sold locally. The shipment is stable, and part of the volume is sent to East and South China

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