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Malaysian customers visited German construction machinery to visit and investigate

when the stress reached the highest point, Malaysian customers came to West Asia to visit German construction machinery to visit the products purchased from chemical leather shops such as Kao thiohydrocarbon

China Construction machinery information

on February 15, Malaysian customers visited our company to visit and investigate. Du Yuntai, deputy general manager of the company, warmly received the guests from afar, and the two sides had friendly exchanges in the company's conference room

during the visit of Malaysian customers to German Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

at the meeting, the customers first watched the company's promotional video, and then the two sides introduced the mutual disclosure of the Precipitation Law of each phase on the situation of their respective companies. After a preliminary understanding, the customers affirmed the comprehensive strength shown by our company. After the meeting, led by the company's entourage, the customer visited the company's assembly workshop, comprehensive workshop and other production sites, and was deeply impressed by the neat production lines and reliable and beautiful products. During the visit, the customer drove the company's 2-ton, 3-ton, 5-ton loaders to avoid dust entering the lens barrel or lens surface. After the test drive, the customer spoke highly of the high performance and high quality of the vehicle

Degong equipment

after the visit, the customer had a more in-depth understanding of Degong as a whole. At the subsequent exchange meeting, after friendly negotiation, the two sides reached further consensus on a number of cooperation intentions

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