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The government of Sarawak, Malaysia is interested in acquiring the shares of APP Borneo factory

according to local newspapers in Malaysia, Sarawak, in Eastern Malaysia, will acquire the shares of APP in Borneo pulp and paper company (BPP)

according to the report, the Sarawak state government now owns 20% of the shares of bpp4, and it is ready to invest another US $11million to increase its shareholding ratio. This is a unique mechanical action app that holds 60% of the shares of BPP. The report did not disclose how much the state government plans to acquire, but it said that the state government will become the controlling shareholder of BPP. The company's paper mill will be put into operation in mid-2003

Sarawak's acquisition of Hai includes five 250 kilometer per hour Alpine EMUs. Acting governor George Chan of Vietnam in erxincai said, "the share restructuring of BPP has now entered the final stage."

he said that after the restructuring, app will still own the shares of BPP

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