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Let the desert oasis fly higher

let the desert oasis fly higher

May 12, 2010

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[China paint information] - a brief account of the desert oasis 2010 marketing oath conference

recently, I was invited to participate in the top ten Chinese paint brands standing on the same starting line with Nippon, Dulux, China Resources and garberry, The representative of Chinese national coating brand "desert oasis 2010 second quarter marketing oath conference", experienced the style of desert oasis brand marketing team, felt the source of why desert oasis can "create the legend of Chinese national coating brand", and saw the vitality of Chinese national coating industry at the same time

recently, the desert oasis brand market has been moving frequently and has become one of the more active brands in the coating industry. First, it is the "oasis action" that calls on major brands to participate in the industry. Second, it releases its new brand positioning in the industry, takes "desert oasis herbal paint" as the development direction of the future brand of desert oasis, and puts forward that herbal paint is the new standard and representative of Chinese health paint. Therefore, When the head of the desert oasis Marketing Department invited me to participate in its marketing oath conference in the second quarter of 2010, I was glad to go. I just wanted to explore the mystery of desert oasis, one of the top ten Chinese paint brands, in marketing and brand

the marketing oath conference of desert oasis in the second quarter of 2010 was held at Lisa headquarters. Mr. Ge Baojing, the helm of Lisa, Mr. He Jiatian, the marketing director, Mr. Ge Yuanyuan, and Mr. Wang Ye, the head of the marketing department, and other relevant leaders attended the conference. The theme of the conference is "summer rain action", which means that this marketing activity brings lasting summer rain to dealers, consumers, and irrigates the oasis in the desert in the dry summer, Bring cool fresh air to China's coating industry; Rain also means wealth. From another aspect, it also shows that desert oasis hopes to achieve a win-win situation with consumers and dealers

through the brief statements made by Lisa's helmsman, Mr. Ge Baojing, and Mr. He Jiatian at the conference, I clearly understand the main contents of the summer rain action of desert oasis, including the following points. First, desert oasis will systematically promote its new brand positioning of "herbal paint". As soon as the new brand positioning of desert oasis herbal paint came out, it was rated by industry experts and the media as playing a driving role in it. It is the same classic paint brand positioning as Nippon latex paint and China Resources wood paint. Therefore, desert oasis will spare no effort to publicize and promote herbal paint in the future market promotion. This positioning can know the state of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen, Because I firmly believe that herbal paint will be the new standard of Chinese health paint; Secondly, desert oasis will promote for consumers and hold large-scale promotional activities to provide strong support for dealers' terminal sales; Third, the summer rain action of desert oasis will also provide perfect system support and service management for dealers to ensure that terminal stores can make profits in the market

the whole marketing oath conference is concise and full of vitality. I was also infected by the morale and spirit of the desert oasis marketing team. I saw the hope of Chinese national paint, and also found the mystery of "why the desert oasis has performed so well in the market in recent years." fight for dignity and win for honor ". The short oath of the marketing team shocked me. Yes, it is a spirit and an attitude towards life, In fact, it is also a reflection of the Chinese people. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot national coating in the future. The breakthrough of national brands is to fight for the dignity of Chinese national coating and live for the honor of national coating; "Fighting for 50 days, you can show the true colors of Lisa soldiers". This is the culture of Lisa enterprise and the driving force of the desert oasis brand. It is precisely because of the spirit of soldiers that desert oases have a strong performance in the market. Maybe this time I just see a little bit of Lisa and desert oases, but from this point, I see the potential for the future development of desert oases and the hope of Chinese national coatings

2010 has gone by one third, but China's paint market is in the ascendant, and China's national paint brands have a long way to go. But I believe that as long as there are more enterprises like desert oasis brands in China, I believe that China's national paint brands will be able to shoulder greater missions and create greater miracles

I sincerely wish the desert oasis brand to fly higher and go further! I also wish national brands can stand tall in the forest of world brands

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