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Malaysian operators provide contact services for smart users

ctiforum news on May 11 (compiler/Liu Yu): Celcom axiata Malaysia has enhanced its contact point services for all smart users in the field of Celcom

customer service enhancements are designed to support the company's intelligent user base and will complement its custom software with small spring packs and network coverage

for intelligent users, whether they can directly affect parameters in Celcom's interactive voice response (IVR) system to obtain a specific menu option, which can help them configure intelligence when dialing to the call center

this option can route the call to a specially trained person. After that, the poll rating will be sent to these customers through their feedback SMS

Celcom also cooperates with CIMB and Maybank to provide customers with enhanced payment methods

all bill payments paid through the bank portal can be processed in real time and the account can be updated. In the near future, the company plans to launch several payment options and various installment plans

pyramid research, a telecom research organization, recently said that Malaysia will be one of the countries with the fastest growth in telecommunications in the Asia Pacific region. Due to the deformation measurement of its operation, it is installed to measure the active investment plans of providers in broadband (including fixed and mobile), which is stimulated to a certain extent by the government's high-speed broadband network plan

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