Processing method of misfire processing

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Processing method of blind shot processing

A if a blind shot is found or suspected, it should be reported immediately and handled in time. If it cannot be handled in time, obvious signs should be set nearby and corresponding safety measures should be taken

b if the blind shot is difficult to deal with, the blasting leader should be asked to send experienced blasters to deal with it. The blind shot treatment method and work organization of large blasting should be approved by the chief engineer of the unit

c when dealing with blind shots, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to stretch buckteeth after selecting different attachments according to gb/iso/astm/jis/din and other standards. After the bucktooth test piece reaches the set value, it should be tightened, zigzagged, stripped, sheared, torn, punctured, and punctured on the site. A guard should be set at the boundary of the dangerous area, and other operations are prohibited in the dangerous area

d it is forbidden to pull out or take out the primary explosive package

e in case of blind blasting caused by electric blasting, the power supply must be cut off immediately and the blasting circuit must be short circuited in time

f after the treatment of blind blasting, the blasting pile should be carefully checked and the residual blasting equipment should be collected. Preventive measures should be taken before determining whether there is residual blasting equipment in the blasting pile

g the handler must fill in the registration card for each blind shot

2 for the blind shot of exposed blasting, it is allowed to carefully remove part of the sealing mud by hand, and replace the original primary explosive package with a new primary explosive package, plus the sealing mud blasting

the following methods can be adopted for the blind blasting of export heat treatment shallow hole blasting in the plastic machine industry

a after checking and confirming that the blasting circuit of the blast hole is in good condition, it can be detonated again

b parallel hole charging blasting. The parallel eye distance from the blind hole shall not be less than 0.3m. For the shallow eye medicine pot method, the parallel eye distance from the edge of the blind gun medicine pot shall not be less than 0.5m. In order to determine the direction of the parallel blast hole, it is allowed to take out the filler with a length of not more than 20cm from the blind blast hole with the market price of vanadium increased by 6 (7) times

c tools made of wooden bamboo or other materials that do not cause sparks, gently take out most of the filling in the blast hole, and use shaped charge to induce explosion

d blow out the blinds and explosives with a remotely operated Feng Shui nozzle at a safe distance, but measures must be taken to recover the detonator

e blind shots should be handled on duty. If they cannot be handled on duty or are not handled completely, the situation of blind shots (the number of blind shots, the direction of the blasthole, the number of charges and the location of the primary explosive, the handling method and handling opinions) should be clearly handed over on site, and the next shift should continue to handle them

4 the following methods can be used to deal with deep hole blind blasting:

a if the blasting path is not damaged and the minimum resistance line has not changed, it can be re connected and detonated; If there is a change in the minimum resistance line, the safety distance should be verified and the warning range should be increased before connecting the line and detonating

b do not detonate with parallel charges at a distance of not less than 10 times the diameter of the blind hole. Blasting parameters shall be determined by the blasting leader

c all explosives are non water resistant ammonium nitrate explosives, and if the hole wall is intact, part of the filler can be taken out, and water can be poured into the hole to make it invalid, and then further treatment can be carried out

5 the following methods can be used to deal with the blind blasting of chamber blasting:

a if the wire, detonating cord or detonating tube of the detonating path can be found out, and it can still detonate after being checked to be normal, the minimum resistance line can be re measured, the warning range can be redrawn, and the line can be detonated

b remove the stuffing along the shaft or adit, re lay the road, connect the line to detonate or take out the explosives and detonators

6 the following methods can be used to deal with the blind blasting of Underwater Exposed Blasting:

a put another exposed charge near the blind blasting to make it explode

b carefully lift the package out of the water and destroy it by explosion

7 the following methods can be used to deal with the blind shot of underwater blast holes:

A after the factors causing the blind shot are removed, it can be detonated again

b those whose filling length is less than the dead distance of the explosive or all filled with water can be filled with another detonating charge for detonation

c blasting with exposed charges near the blind shot

8 in case of blind blasting in ice breaking blasting, a new priming charge can be put at the blind charge to induce detonation

9 the following methods can be used to deal with blind blasting in seismic exploration:

a carefully take out the cartridge from the blast hole and destroy it by explosion

b if it is impossible to take out the cartridge from the blast hole or blast well, a new detonating cartridge can be filled to induce detonation

10 for blind blasting of metal, metal structures and thermal condensates, the hole wall temperature must be cooled below 40 ℃ before reloading blasting

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