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Processing introduction and application of milling cutter series

it is almost unimaginable to use it for flat plates and molds, and the changing processing tasks of electrode milling cutter series

constantly put forward new requirements for single piece or small batch parts manufacturers. If we want to gain an advantage in the fierce competition, we must use efficient milling tools, and the primary task is to meet the requirements of technology and economy

the competition between most tool and mold manufacturers is reflected in the services they can provide: such as the size, material, processing and accuracy of the workpiece they can process. Personalized strategy can be improved in terms of time and cost pressure, and can provide advice on process optimization and service

one of the difficulties is production efficiency, which is also a major challenge faced by most processing enterprises. In order to optimize cost accounting and improve competitiveness, tool manufacturer paulhorn company has developed a series of products for different applications and materials, including DS series all carbide milling cutters, DA series end milling cutters and spiral head milling cutters, and DM series combined milling cutters

generally speaking, users will select tools according to the product manual or special specifications. Therefore, the tool and mold manufacturing industry with rich and varied products needs higher flexibility and shorter delivery time. In addition, horn has been engaged in tool development and analyzed many application cases for many years, which makes them have strong professional ability and is also conducive to solving complex milling problems

a medical device manufacturer hopes to simplify the casting process of the cylindrical support by setting a funnel-shaped gate. Wffottner company from moessingen near tuebinen undertook this project. There are some small problems in use. You can test and repair the task yourself, and use four templates to make the required two-piece spray casting mold

the goal is to process 2million times

the edge length of this mold has reached 500mm, and a special contour has been designed according to the user's requirements, in order to achieve 2million times of processing - the company has designed a special mold for this purpose and found a special process for the tool. This cooperation with Tuebingen's tool manufacturers, which can accurately reproduce the mold surface, can not only shorten the geographical distance, but also meet the requirements of tool types, efficiency, accuracy and economy

the first task is to roughen the template with closed edges. Its material is hot work die steel 1.2343esu. The specific processing parameters are as follows: use DM series angle milling cutter, with a diameter of 12mm, a cutting head radius of 2mm, and use a 0.2mm gauge block for inspection and control. This process is characterized by the use of patented components for connecting the handle and blade, with a diameter range of 8-12 mm

as the tool holder is the support of various diameter blades, the coordination between them needs to be very accurate, so it is necessary to select as few tools as possible according to the cutting parameters for more economical processing

the length range of cemented carbide tool handle is large, and it has a retractable structure. The tool handle with a length of 140 mm can enter the cavity and achieve high radial accuracy

due to the supply period and in order to make better use of the capacity of the machining center, two brass electrodes can be clamped next to the template of the machining center for processing another spray casting mold. Although the milling parameters of the two are different (different from the template, the brass electrode needs a wet environment), the NC programming process can also be relatively simple because DM series milling cutters can be used alone

The brass milling cutter in the product catalogue can have 2, 3 and 4 blades respectively, and the diameter of the cutting circumference ranges from 0.3 to 12 mm. The recommended machining parameters for rough machining with electrodes are: use the ring and full radius structure with 2~4 blades, and use the double edge micro milling cutter with a diameter of 0.3~2 mm for semi finishing and finishing machining of wire dies

ds series multilateral all cemented carbide milling cutter

ds series milling cutter can be used to finish machining templates with hardness exceeding HRC55. This series of milling cutters with different structures can have up to 16 cutting edges, which can be used to process brass, graphite, aluminum, plastic, soft and hardened steel and titanium alloy parts. Different hard metal and coating treatments enable the processing range of "soft hard milling" process to reach HRC60, while the processing range of hard milling process can reach hrc56~70. The quality grade of the tool handle has reached H5 grade, and the radial accuracy of 0.005 grade can be obtained, which is very suitable for final finishing

such accuracy mainly comes from the four guide rails and the cavity used to support the formwork. In addition, after finishing, special surface structure can be obtained by corrosion process. DSMR six blade end milling cutter has a diameter of 6 mm and an angular radius of 1 mm. It can finish machining without leaving cutting marks

causing cracks in the use process, the spiral head milling cutter can improve the production efficiency

using four 1.2343esu templates and DSK double cutter full radius milling cutters with ball head diameter of 8mm can prove the versatility and economy of the DS system

the third component of the milling system is the DA series end milling cutter and spiral head milling cutter, which can be used for finishing the side jet template made of 1.2312 material. 16. The 20, 25 and 32 mm DA series is characterized by a reversible 3-Blade structure. This structure can ensure high cutting stability and provide axial polishing geometry for parts with high surface quality requirements

set different cutting rake angles according to the radial and axial machining processes, match the template according to different machining processes, and use two blades to obtain a shaft shoulder of 90 degrees, with extremely high precision

when deep milling, the contact width of 3mm or 4.5mm can be selected according to the size of the flat plate. In addition, it can reach a sinking depth of 1 mm. All supports and tool handles in DA series are coated with hard materials

milling cutter series can bring many benefits

ds, DA and DM series milling cutter systems have proved their role in relatively simple double cutter machining occasions. DSMR series milling cutters are also widely used because of their long service life

In the DM system, a patented connector is used between the tool handle and the milling cutter, and different combinations of blades and tool handles can be used. With the help of 0.01 mm tool change accuracy, the machining accuracy can also be improved

the high-quality shell and three blade rotatable structure of DA system can improve the processing economy of spray casting mold

finally, the tool supply process has also been simplified. The unified naming, size, parameters and processing recommended values simplify the monitoring and programming of the whole process

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