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Processing method of book block matching (1)

book block matching, also known as page matching, is to complete the book Posts folded and pasted with inserts, etc. according to the page order. In the process of page matching, in order to ensure the quality of new book matching posts and facilitate the work of upper and lower processes, waxing should be carried out before page matching, and binding should be carried out after page matching

first, the method of matching book block

most of the work of matching book block is done by machine, but it can also be done manually. There are two methods of matching book blocks: one is matching method, and the other is set method, as shown in the figure

matching method. It is superimposed one by one according to the page number sequence of each book, making it the book block of a book. If there are odd pages, it is best to add them after the third post. There are various paperback books and periodicals, hardcover books and picture books, and books and periodicals bound by wireless binding

paste method. It is to put one book post on the outside or inside of another book post according to the page number sequence, so that it becomes all the signal devices such as pressure control valves, pump regulators and pressure relays, flow control valves, travel switches, thermal relays, etc. as the book block of a book, and the odd pages are put on the outside. If you put the cover on the outside to avoid affecting the measurement results, you can bind it into a book by riding on horseback. The cover pasting method is mainly applicable to binding magazines, pamphlets, and thin publications with book stickers of about 100 pages

II. Book block matching process

book block matching can be done manually or mechanically. At present, manual page matching is rarely used. Mechanical page distribution is to use the mechanism instead of manual operation to arrange the books in order on the page storage platform, which is transmitted by the collection conveyor belt to complete the book block sending and receiving device after page distribution

diagram of page matching method

a-set pasting method b-set pasting method

1, 2, 3, 4-serial number of book pasting 5-cutting line

according to the page matching method, the page matching machine is the page matching method and set pasting method

the working principle of the page matching machine is shown in the figure. Put the book stickers 3 to be matched into the book bucket 2 on the page storage platform of the page taking mechanism according to the page number sequence. When the machine moves, the book stickers stack the page suction device below, suck the lowest Book stickers in the bucket, and tilt a gauge 4 downward to take away the book stickers. After a book is matched, it will burst into the receiving part and then be transported away by the receiving device 5. The page matching machine can not only form a linkage assembly line with other machines, but also can be used as a single machine

figure matching method page matching machine schematic diagram

1-conveyor belt 2-Book bucket 3-book continues to climb new peaks with a firmer pace 4-stop gauge 5-post receiving device

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